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The Skyline Athletic Group was formed out of the passion of coaching talented and devoted athletes. The Skyline staff makes it a good habit to continually talk about effective coaching, sports, competition and proper execution to improve their athletes. Skyline takes pride in the enormous progress that their athletes have made in the past and present. The goal of Skyline Athletic Group is to be consistent and ever improving for the future.

Bobby Hughes
Bobby HughesCo-Director/Operations/Head Coach
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Athletic Background: I’ve been playing sports (soccer, baseball, basketball, football) all my life and volleyball has been a constant for over 20 years. I grew up in St. Louis, MO playing for some of the top programs in the area. I moved to Texas my junior year of high school and competed in both high school and club volleyball. My club team qualified for USAV Nationals in the open division. In 1999 I was a member and captain of the Texas Boys State Championship team where I lead in kills and blocks. While pursuing a Photography degree at Texas Christian University I was an active member, captain, and player/coach for the TCU Men’s Volleyball team. Since graduating I have participated on Adult USAV AA/BB teams, EVP Tour, and always enjoy a good pick-up game.

Experience: I have actively been coaching since high school. In college I was the player/coach for the men’s volleyball team. After graduating I returned to my high school alma mater where I assisted with the girls program. After moving to Chicago over 10 years ago I coached JV boys at IMSA (1 season), Varsity (1 season) and Freshmen (4 seasons) boys at Notre Dame, USAV girls club (10 seasons), University of Illinois Summer Camps (5 summers) and in my seventh season as the head girls varsity coach at Regina Dominican High School.

Team Goal: I believe that a team can only be as strong as the coach is knowledgeable. My goal for every team is to give them a clear path for development. Laying down the foundation and building upon it to produce stronger, faster, and smarter athletes. Whether coaching at the 10U or 18U the fundamental drive for constant improvement remains the same. Players need to be driven, goal oriented, and learn what it takes to be an athlete.

Schools attended: De Smet Jesuit High School, Antonian College Prep, Texas Christian University

Personal Info: I’m a jack of all trades constantly learning and taking things apart. I’m a certified SCUBA diver. When not coaching you can usually find me at my workspace printing t-shirts, designing the “next” big thing, or taking pictures. I studied improv and acting for 5 years before delving deep into coaching. As a side note, I always thought I’d be a marine biologist or zoologist….obviously that didn’t happen.

Skyline Beach will be canceled for July due to high school camps. Consider private lessons with Skyline!  Schedule a lesson