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The Skyline Athletic Group was formed out of the passion of coaching talented and devoted athletes. The Skyline staff makes it a good habit to continually talk about effective coaching, sports, competition and proper execution to improve their athletes. Skyline takes pride in the enormous progress that their athletes have made in the past and present. The goal of Skyline Athletic Group is to be consistent and ever improving for the future.

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Eunice An – Head Coach

Contact information:

email: eunice@skylineathleticgroup.com
mobile: (847) 630-6583

Athletic Background:  Size does not matter!  Being 5’0 and loving sports I’ve always had to think big and play big.  My primary position is a setter, but have also played as the libero.  I was that player that said, “coach! put me in anywhere, I’ll do my job!”

Experience:  I have played volleyball, basketball, and soccer all my life, but volleyball has always been my passion.  I was captain, MVP, All-Tournament for majority of my high school and college career.  Playing different sports and different levels has taught me to be the best leader I can be and to better myself as a team player.  I received a volleyball scholarship to play at Oakton Community College and then scouted to play for Robert Morris University (formerly College) with another scholarship.  I continue to play in leagues and tournaments.  And also a very proud Freshmen Coach at Maine South High School.  The love for this sport will never end.  

Team Goal:  From the start of preseason, I want the girls to work together not only as a team, but as a family.  To learn how to communicate and help each other improve.  I expect the players to take leadership, to know the importance of teamwork and we will not be able to succeed without every single player on this team. The girls will leave the season with not only new skills, but how to bond with your team, and leadership qualities.

Personal info:  Raised in Morton Grove, I went to Park View and Niles West growing up.  I have a healthy beautiful daughter, Ava. She, I hope will love the sport that mom is so passionate about.  I am a proud freshman coach at Maine South High School.  Coaching and mentoring girls on and off the court is what I am destined to do.

Skyline Beach will be canceled for July due to high school camps. Consider private lessons with Skyline!  Schedule a lesson